10 Free Sites To Download Novels Online 2024

Are you searching for free websites to download Novels online on your Android mobile phone, iPhone, or PC? Then this post is for you because I have covered the top 10 best sites to get your favorite novels and ebooks in PDF and other readable formats free of charge.

The world and education has revolutionized to the extent that we have virtually every resources right at our fingertips; thanks to advancement in technology. Now you must not necessarily buy all your desired Novels and books offline in hard copy and worry for spaces to store them in your bookshelf at home, office or hostel.

Some of the importance of downloading novels online is that you can save the books in the cloud either with google drive, Dropbox or even your email so that you can have access to the novel anytime, any day, anywhere in the world once you are connected to the internet.

Another advantage is that you will not bother about ants destroying the books or children tearing it. It’s safer online and it’s evergreen every time you read it. Without wasting much time, find below for the best websites to download novels.

Free Sites download novels online

Best Free Sites To Download Novels

1. Ebookee.com

Ebookee is like a search engine exclusively for novels and other books. You will fine text books, magazine and audio books. You should only focus on fresh links on the website, since they are the ones that work most of the time. You can download latest novels on ebookee website for free.

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2. BookRix.com

This website provide novels from various categories and authors. Also available here are books on computer and computing, like computing tutorials, software development, programming language, computer IT and so on. It’s one of the best sites for internet marketers, bloggers, computer scientists and programmers to download free ebooks.

3. Free-eBooks.net

Just as the name implies, this website provides latest and viral novels for free downloads. You will find both fiction and non-fiction novels. You will also see various books on programming, medicine, technical books, systems programming books, management books and books on business.

4. FreeBookCenter.net

Free Book Center has loads of free fictional and non-fictional novels on its website. They equally provide books on Linux, system programming books, programming languages, networking, core computer sciences. The books here are in their thousands and they are completely free.

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5. PDFdrive.com

For those of us asking for where to download free novels in PDF format, here is the best site for that. All novels here are made available in PDF format.

They are numerous and are categorized according to the genre. On this site, you will be able to download horror novels, historical novels, romance novels, gothic novels and also western novels free of charge. Some are fictional, while some other ones are non-fictional.

6. Ebook3000.com

Don’t get it twisted, the “3000” on the site name doesn’t mean that the number of free novels on this site is 3000. No, there are many novels available for you in several categories including love and drama. For ebook lovers, you get to download programming books, web development, engineering, personality, magazine, graphic designs, business , internet, hardware ebooks and lost more.

7. E-BooksDirectory.com

E-book directory is a very huge website that has thousands of ebooks in its database for free Download. Actually, the books available on this website is up to 3663 in numbers and they are all free of charges. They are classified into 414 different categories and you are sure to love what you get here.

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8. FreeBookSpot.com

Do you enjoy reading Fictional novels? This site is for you. There are many interesting fictional works available in various categories here for you to download. Aside novels, you will also find other books here, like dictionaries, cooking books, Do-It-Yourself books, technical books and lots more. It can’t be any better.

9. ManyBooks.net

This site simply goes by the name “Many Books” and it has over 50,000 books across several genres. Most of the books here are free just like majority of the sites we briefly reviewed above. You will find both recent and old novels in this domain.

10. Kobo.com

The last but not the least is “Kobo.com”, a free ebook download site with a database of Novels from all genre. Aside novels, they also provide white papers, articles, magazines and many others.

NOTE: Most of the free novel sites will require you to fill some forms or register on the website before you can download novels for free otherwise you may need to pay. That’s the little prize you pay for enjoying free ebooks.

Do you know of any other good website to download novels online? Let us know and we may include it on this page.