NYSC: How To Get Posted In Your State Of Choice

Now you have graduated from higher institutions and waiting for NYSC call-up letter but don’t want to be posted in some states due to security, job opportunities, development or any other reason. Then this post is for you. I will show you how to trick NYSC to post you in your state of choice.

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program meant for all Nigerian graduates for the purpose of national unity, skill acquisition and so on.

A lot of graduates go for NYSC every year which often involves leaving your comfort zone by going to a different state to stay and serve for a full year. Some people like the adventure and will like to go to other states to learn new things, experience new culture and meet new people. However, some other people prefers being posted to familiar states where they already know their way around.

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Be it as it may, there is always a trick to help you get posted to your preferred place or state(s).

NYSC members swearing in

How To Make NYSC Post You To Your State(s) Of Choice

This is how it’s done, while filling the NYSC registration form, you’ll be asked to select States that you’ve visited before.

All the states you selected during the registration will not show up when you have to choose a state to serve in. The scheme does this to get you out of your comfort zone and get you to some new environment, geopolitical zone and people.

Remember NYSC allows prospective corpers select 4 states they would like to serve in. Each of these 4 states must be chosen from any of the Geopolitical zone in Nigeria namely:

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1. North Central (popularly known as Middle Belt) e.g Benue. Kogi. Kwara. Nasarawa. Niger. Plateau etc
2. North East e.g Adamawa. Bauchi. Borno. Gombe. Taraba. Yobe.
3. North West e.g Jigawa. Kaduna. Kano. Katsina. Kebbi, Zamfara etc
4. South East e.g Abia. Anambra. Ebonyi. Enugu. Imo.
5. South South e.g Akwa Ibom. Cross River. Bayelsa. Rivers. Delta etc.
6. South West e.g Ekiti. Lagos. Ogun. Ondo. Osun.

Also, NYSC rules has it that both the state you graduated from and your state of origin should not be among the chosen states to serve.

Now, the trick here is to tick those states you don’t want to be posted to as the states you’ve been to before. I did this and it worked for me and 11 other friends of mine.

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For example, if you don’t want to be posted to Borno State, all you have to do is tick Borno as one of the places you’ve been to, regardless of whether you’ve actually been there or not. Note that you shouldn’t overdo this trick else it may not work.

It’s known that the best states to serve in Nigeria as a corper are Enugu, Akwa Ibom and Lagos state.

Also it’s important to know that this trick may not work 100% for everyone but it worked for me and my friends. It may also work for you. Just trade with caution.

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