Beginners Guide: 4 Profitable Online Business You Can Do In Nigeria

Many Nigerians especially the Youths are constantly searching the internet to know some profitable online business they can start to make money in Nigeria as unemployment is on the rise without any hope of it being addressed by the government. I am aware of this issue which is why I have decided to drop 4 Profitable Online Businesses in Nigeria for you to consider because I have gained experience in it for some years now.

At first, I thought online business is a scam which doesn’t pay, not until I summoned the courage to start my importation business and freelancing services, then later blogging. At first, it wasn’t easy, in fact, at a time I thought about quitting because it was very demanding and time-consuming especially freelancing job and blogging. But don’t be scared yet because you too can make money from the internet at the comfort of your home.

The Internet is currently one of the best places to make money. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean Yahoo Yahoo Business, G Boys or G+ as most fraudsters fondly call the wrong way of making money online. The world is now a global village whereby business is been done online. The internet is highly saturated with fantastic money making ideas from buying and selling goods online, selling your services online, offering tutorials online, Cryptocurrency business which involves the buying and selling of Bitcoins, Ethereum Coins, Lite coins etc.

Online business in Nigeria

Some aspiring online business men and women do not seem to cherish businesses done on the internet because of the risk that comes with it. The reason why online business is profitable is that of a large number of people that uses the internet on a daily basis. Also for Nigerians, online business presents us the platform to earn money in hard currencies like Dollars, Euros and Pounds and capitalize on the high exchange rate of these currencies to make wealth.

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It is disheartening to know that only the smart, educated and elite ones amongst the public buy into the idea of doing business on the internet. While the so-called ignorant ones are afraid to see the profit that comes with doing business on the internet. In fact they think any person making money online is doing Yahoo Yahoo.

Below is the top 4 online businesses that are really profitable right now in Nigeria;

1. Website Flipping

One of the profitable online business in Nigeria today is flipping of websites which involves buying, building, or developing websites and then selling the websites at a higher price to make profit. Most people sell the websites after its domain authority has risen as it becomes a hot cake then

This online business has made a majority of people who venture it rich. What you are required to do is to build a website from the scratch, then develop it by designing it well as well as generating traffic then selling it.

Website flipping requires low capital to start up. To start website flipping, you will need to register a domain name first. It is, however, important to be creative and have an amazing idea when putting up a domain name. Also, your domain name must be simple to know and also can be remembered easily. In addition, you must also change to the website and make the theme SEO friendly and fast in loading.

Then you can proceed to sell the websites after all these has been done. There are 3 types of website flipping which includes: Beginner’s flipping, Standard flipping and Long-term investment flipping.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Although not very profitable here in Nigeria as it is in other developed countries, Affiliate marketing is fast becoming one of the profitable online business in Nigeria. A Nigerian blogger Pascal Okafor of NaiJaTechGuide made his first N1million two years ago via affiliate marketing with Jumia. Webmasters and online users have seized this form of business to make money.

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Affiliate marketing can be done from the comfort of your home and it requires little or no money to start up. Affiliate marketing can be defined as the form of business whereby you earn money by promoting other people’s product. You earn a commission each type you sell someone else’s product online.

If you want to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the first step is to join an affiliate program like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Shopify and so on. The next step is to choose the product you want to sell, then you will input it in your site so that people can see it and buy it. Use can use text links, banners etc to show people that visit your site that you sell a particular product. Anytime anybody purchases the product through your site, you earn commission on that product.

3. Freelancing on Fiverr/Upwork

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and does not work for someone for a long time. Freelancers work on their own for different companies or clients. The jobs you can do as a freelancer varies and includes:

· Writing

· Content creator

· Website designer

· Social media expert

· Copywriter

· Virtual assistant

· E-book writing

Working on Fiverr as a freelancer requires you to be versatile. The jobs listed above can be done as a freelancer in Fiverr. Fiverr requires you to create an account before you start, choose a username, password etc.

Then you proceed to update your profile and describe who you are and what you are best in. Then the next step is to create a gig. The gig you create will enable people to see you and contact you for a job.

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While working on up working also requires you to find clients. In Upwork, you run your own business and select clients or projects. The jobs listed above also is available on Upwork. The client will pay you on the completion of each job. This Freelancing super Guide will help you get started and make money immediately.

Being a Nigerian freelancer is more harder and demanding hence some people choose to use VPN to change their IP and location in order to get more trust and potential reviews.

4. Buying and Selling online

This is another form of profitable business that can be done online. Any product can be flipped online, that i because things sold online can be bought cheap and sold expensively.

Buying and selling can be done on sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc. If you want to start the business of buying and selling online, you are required to have either the Amazon app, eBay app.

Whenever you see something on those respective apps that you know people will buy, you then purchase it. You can go on Amazon, eBay, Swap, Bookscouter to sell what you bought online.

This process is quite similar to mini-importation, but the difference is that you buy for people based on the request. Let’s assume that someone decides to buy an iPhone 6s, I can help them order it at a cheap price, and sell at a higher profit. It is a very lucrative business if you know your left from right.

These are some of the profitable online businesses you can venture into as a Nigerian and watch your Financial status upgraded.

Bonus: Blogging.